Commerical Laundry Services

Stevange Laundry currently launders over 5,000 items per month. From napkins to bed sheets, from t-shirts to ball gowns, and everything inbetween.

Stevange Laundry offers the following commercial laundry services to businesses:

  • Five star linen service
  • Top grade, hand finished linen
  • Customised linen service
  • Dedicated stock
  • Timely and reliable laundry delivery service

Stevange Laundry services the following corporate sectors:

  • Restaurants - Table linen  & Kitchen laundry
  • Hotels – Bed linen & Own linen
  • Leisure - Gymnasiums & Spa's.
  • Business/Offices – Own Linen & Floor mat rental
  • Laundry Rental Companies – All aspects of laundry services
  • Others  Business laundry  - Mechanics & Work overalls

To discuss your commercial laundry requirements, please contact us now on 01438-727209.
“The best thing about Stevange Laundry is their amazing consistency when it comes to level of service. I never have to worry about my hotel's laundry as its always being well looked after! Less headache for me and gives me more time to concentrate on my business. Thank you for nearly 17 years of superb service!”
Manager & Owner, Boutique Farmhouse Hotel, Hertfordhsire